About Lasertag at Splat Attack

Splat Attack Paintball is proud to introduce its brand new Lasertag Games - where anyone from ages 5 to 100! can play!

Splat Attack Lasertag Games Lasertag games are similar to paintball, except that there are no projectiles and no need for any protective equipment. Use your lasertag gun to shoot your enemies - your gun will also let you know when you've been shot.

So if you want to join your friends on the paintball field but don't know what to do with the kids - let them loose on the lasertag field! But don't make the mistake of thinking this game is just for the kids - anyone over the age of 6 can play, so get out there!

Splat Attack Lasertag Games

Splat Attack Lasertag Games Splat Attack Lasertag Games

Information Packs

If you're planning a trip to Splat Attack and you'd like some information you can show your friends, feel free to download or print off an information pack...

Splat Attack Lasertag Information Pack