Here's a list of the most common questions we receive, but if your question isn't here, please feel free to call or email us and we'll certainly help you.

What is paintball?

In a game of paintball, each player holds a paintball marker (gun) that they use to fire gelatin-filled "paintballs" at their opposition in an attempt to "tag" them with paint, thereby eliminating them from the game.

There are several forms of paintball - ranging from what is often called "Bushball" - to "Scenario" or "Big Game" paintball that can often take 4+ hours per game - to tournament "Speedball" where games rarely last longer than 5 - 10 minutes.

Recreational fields such as Splat Attack Paintball, primarily provide a "bushball" experience to its participants. Games involve two teams competing to achieve an objective, which differs from game to game (see below). Games generally take approximately 10 minutes each - therefore players will generally play 8-12 games in an average session, spanning many different playing fields and game types.

How do you win a game of paintball?

As outlined above, there are many different types of games that players can experience at Splat Attack, each with a different objective. These are just a few of the games available:

  • Elimination
    The most simple game-type - all you have to do is eliminate every player on the opposing team to win.
  • Capture the Flag
    A flag is placed in the centre of the playing field before the game starts. The goal is to capture the flag and successfully place it on your opponent's home base. Much easier said than done.
  • Two-flag Game
    A slight variation to the flag game. This time a flag is placed at each team's home base to begin the game. To win, you have to retrieve your opponent's flag and take it back to your own base.
  • Search and Destroy
    One team takes their positions throughout the playing field while their opponents are not looking. When the game begins, the hunting team must literally search out and eliminate their opponents. But it's not so easy when they could be hiding anywhere...
  • Medic
    One of the most intense game formats - like "Brittish Bulldog" with paintball markers! In a medic game, when a player is shot, they are required to stand right on the spot they were shot and put their hands in the air. Any living player on their team can touch them to "revive" them back into the game. So be careful - if you run into no-man's land and get hit - don't expect a team mate to come to your aid!

There are many more game types available - but you'll just have to come and try them for yourself!

How Old Do you have to be to play?

Minimum age for participation in paintball games is determined by state law.
Splat Attack Paintball is located in NSW and therefore can only allow players aged 12 and up.

How Long does it go for?

That is entirely up to you. We open for players at 9:00am, cease taking new groups at 1pm and stop play at 4pm. How long you want to play in that period is your choice, however most groups play for an average of around 2.5 to 3 hours.

How many paintballs will I need?

On average, most players will use between 500 and 1000 rounds in a 3 hour session. This is not a concrete rule - some players can make 200 paintballs last while others have been known to fire off over 3,000 rounds in the same time! REMEMBER - The Bigger the PACK the CHEAPER the Paintballs WHAT YOU DON'T USE YOU CAN REFUND.

We recommend our 500 round Mega Pack to anyone playing for the first time. 500 rounds will provide you with a good fun experience, while any paintballs you don't use can be refunded at the end of the day. If 500 proves to not be enough - you'll have every opportunity to purchase more throughout the day.

Will my group be playing alone?

In order to be guaranteed that your group has a field to itself, you must have at least 20 people in your group.

Smaller groups will be joined together to make up larger groups of around 20-30 players, which will then be divided into two teams for the day. When dividing teams, you may choose to keep your group on one team or seperate to play against each other.

Trust us when we say that in paintball, the more people on the field, the more fun it is.

What do i need to bring?

All players should bring the following:

  • Some form of Photo ID
  • Cash or Card

You should refrain from taking anything you don't need onto the playing fields. We can securely hold your keys/wallets/watches etc to prevent you losing valuable items on the playing fields.

What should I wear?

Light clothing such as shorts and a t-shirt. Please do not wear heavy jumpers or jackets under your camoflauge overalls as you will quickly overheat.

If your group is having a special occassion ie. Bucks,Birthday We encourage you and your group to be creative and DRESS UP! please keep in mind you have to wear a Mask and please COVER SKIN (Morph Suits Welcome!)

Comfortable footwear such as sneakers or runners should be worn as you obviously doing some walking/running.
No open-toed sandals or thongs are permitted.

Does it hurt?

That's the big question, the one that's asked more often than any other... but unfortunately it's also the hardest to answer.

In most cases, people will attest that the very first time you get shot, you will feel a Sting. After that, adrenalin will start to circulate and the vast majority of people will barely feel it from then on Be Prepared for some Mild Bruising!.

The important thing to do is to ask someone who has played...
We GUARANTEE they will say that the experience is Well Worth it.

Can people come to watch and not play?

As our playing fields span many acres, with dozens of playing fields that groups will be moving between, there is no specific spectator area with a view to all fields. However, spectators are welcome to accompany your group and watch from the sidelines of each field.

Spectators will be issued with a facemask, which must be kept on at all times. Spectators will also be asked to fill out an indemnity form before entry to the playing fields.

Can I bring my own paintball equipment?

Personal equipment will be judged on a case-by-case basis, but in most cases it will not be a problem.
All privately-owned equipment must be submitted to an employee of Splat Attack Paintball before play, to be inspected for safety purposes.

Any person wanting to use a privately-owned paintball marker must present their relevant paintball licence and proof that the marker is registered in their name. Privately-owned paintball markers will be chronographed before play to ensure they do not exceed a rate of 300fps.

Can I bring my own paintballs?

Simple answer - NO.

Can my group bring alcohol?

We Suggest Alcohol not be consumed before participating in our Activities. You are certainly free to drink once your group has finished for the day, but not before WE ARE LICENSED PREMISE AND ALCOHOL IS NOT PERMITTED TO BROUGHT ONTO THE SITE.