Standard Issue Equipment

Paintball Markers

Splat Attack Paintball - Tippmann 98 Custom Tippmann 98 Custom
Throughout the world, one marker stands above all others as the most reliable rental marker - the Tippmann 98 Custom.

The standard in rental markers, the 98 Custom is capable of firing up to 5 paintballs per second, and Now with Response Trigger Kit and Sniper Barrel Upgrade for Larger Packs Ballistic and Bezerka while being reliable enough to work under any conditions.

Splat Attack Paintball - Dye DM10

Dye DM & NT Series
For those players out there who want a little more firepower and try out our new Pro Pack - they will discover what a finely tuned, Professional piece of equipment can do...

The Dye DM series is a marker used by professional teams around the world. This electronic marker with precision sensitive trigger is capable of firing over 20 paintballs a second!

You want the advantage of superior firepower?
Go "Pro"!

Protective Mask

Splat Attack Paintball - Proto Rental Mask

Proto Rental Mask
Manufactured by one of the biggest brand names in paintball, the Proto rental mask is the mask of choice for any new paintball player.

Adjustable straps make the mask fittable to anyone, while the hard but light plastic construction protects your entire face while not weighing you down. Considerable air porting makes it easy to breath while the lens allows you to see with an almost completely unrestricted view.

Harness & Pods

Splat Attack Paintball - Harness & Pods

Pro Paintball Shop 4-Pot Harness & Fatboy Pods
All players who purchase more than 200 rounds will be supplied a harness to wear around their waist, positioning their paintball pods on their lower back where it can be easily reached whenever you run out of ammunition in the middle of a firefight.

The harness carries four 100-round pods, with velcro tabs on each one so that they pods won't come out until you want them to.

The 100-round Fatboy pods are the most popular paintball pod around. With foolproof locking lids, these pods will never come open on you unexpectedly, but will open easily when you need them to.

Camouflage overalls

Splat Attack Paintball - Camouflage Overalls

The first thing you'll receive when you arrive at Splat Attack Paintball is your standard issue "camos".

We have camos to fit everyone, from M to 10XL.

We recommend dressing in light clothing to wear under your camos, to avoid overheating on the field. Once everyone's geared up, we guarantee you'll be in the mood to do battle.

Protective Chest Vest

Splat Attack Paintball - Rhino Chest Vest

Rhino Chest Vest
Sorry boys, these ones are for girls only!

All female players will be supplied with a chest plate free of charge, which will protect back and front, from your shoulders down to your waist.

These won't stop bullets, but they will stop paintballs very effectively - you probably won't even know you were hit!


Splat Attack Paintball - Paintballs

Pro Paintball Shop "Slugs"
Our paintballs are properly stored at all times to maintain their quality. They're even temperature-controlled within our paintball vending machines!

Our paintballs, coming in a variety of different colours, is kept well to make sure that it will fly straight and break easily when it strikes your opponent.


Optional equipment

Paint Grenade

Splat Attack Paintball - Big Boy Grenades

Tippmann Big Boy Grenades
You read right - Paintball Grenades!

Give them a shake, pull the pin and throw! Watch your opponents walk out covered in paint. What could be better?

Paint grenades are available for $15 each before you begin play.

Protective Cricket box

Splat Attack Paintball - Cricket Box

Ever been shot with a paintball "below the waste"? It's not fun.

Brand new cricket boxes are available for $5 each before you begin play - and trust us guys, it'll be the best $5 you ever spent.

Protective Gloves

Splat Attack Paintball - Protective Gloves

Pro Paintball Shop hard-back gloves
Your hands are often the most exposed part of your body whilst playing paintball and, therefore, tend to get hit more than anywhere else.

These hard-backed fingerless gloves will protect the backs of your hands while you retain free finger movement to operate your marker.

Gloves are available for $15 each before you begin play.

Buy your own personal Mask

Splat Attack Paintball - Buy your own Mask!

Dye i4 Mask
If you're a regular paintballer, why not get yourself your own mask!

Dye i4 masks offer great protection, great airflow and great style with a large range of colours available.